How much does it cost to enter the competitions and are there any catches?
The competitions are free and always will be. If we ever include a competition with a charge, this will be in addition to the usual competitions. We do not believe it is fair to pay a fee to enter your work into a competition. This of course means you can enter the competition without any risk.
The competitions are here to help you write, if you win then great, but if you lose you can simply re-examine your work or start again.
There are no catches, you retain copyright to your work, we only state that the selected entries in each competition will be printed in Fictionesse Magazine - more in this below.

How many people usually enter the competitions?
Obviously this will differ each month. On average, when we used to run Drabble Contests, we got between 50 - 80 stories each month and we expect this to increase as we have widened the scope of stories to send to us. As for poetry we can't even estimate as this is new but as soon as we have run a few of the contests we will update this with an average entry count.

What if I don't want to send in work for the contests but send in work for consideration to be published? Can I do this?
Yes, you can send submissions outside of the contests - click here for the Submission Guidelines

How do I increase my chances of winning?
Quite simply, try to be different, it helps if you stand out from the crowd.
Punctuation, spelling and punctuation! This sounds obvious but really, check your spelling!

How many words, to a maximum can my story be? And what's the line count for poetry?
Minimum of 100 to a Maximum of 2500 words for flash fiction/short stories
Maximum of 24 lines for Poems

What does it mean to be in the Fictionesse Magazine?
It simply means for that given month your work is published. Everyone who buys a copy of that issue gets to read your work.

Why do I have to pay for an issue when my work has been printed in it?
We do not offer free issues to those whose work is published because this is how the site is funded. In order to keep the competitions free, we charge for the magazine. This, at least to us, seems a much fairer deal than charging for the competition whether or not you win it!

Where does the money sold from the issues go?
We do not expect to make an exceedingly large amount of money from Fictionesse, mainly due to printing costs. The money goes straight back into the site, on administration, future printing costs; we do not make a profit.

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