Sunday, 12 May 2019

May 2019

Fictionesse May
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May 2019

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£4.99 + p&p


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The Pearl by Judith Bristow
Green Peppers by Rebecca Shahoud
The Dream Diary by Tricia Lowther
Sentence by Wally Smith
Lost to Me by MJ Christie
The Watcher by Andrew Hobson
Clockwork by Jonah Levkowitz
A Picture of Youth by Robert Grossmith
The Ball by Andrew Troth
Move and You Die by Zoe Powell
Hands Across Time by Julie Sheridan
Midnight Tunes by Saviour Eyo
Goodbye by Ella Mae Andersson
A Novel of an Idea by Julie Achilles
Room 211 by John Sheirer
Twittering Innocence by James Leverick
Wolfsbane by Joshua Schoch
Always Use Real Butter by Georgina Downes
Journeys by Mark Marsden
Murder in the Dark by Kathryn Ratzko
Sinking into Betrayal by Kira Lowery
They Did This by Sofiah Shakeel
Time by Joe Luther
The Shirt by Ella Andersson
Irreconcilable Differences by Stephanie Anderson
Yesterday by Debbie Mckinnon-Balding
Grey Ice by Grace McGowan
ARTICLE: Six Steps to a Killer Opening by Sally Jenkins