Monday, 14 October 2019

Booker Prize 2019 Shared

Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo have been named the joint winners of the 2019 Booker Prize after the judges broke their rules by declaring a tie.

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo

Friday, 4 October 2019

7 Writing Muse Kickers

Nothing is more daunting for any writer than having to stare at a blank sheet of paper.

When we stare at a blank sheet of paper, we often think, "What am I going to write?" A few minutes later, it becomes, "Oh my goodness, I can't think of anything to write!" And several minutes later, it turns into something like, "Write, dangnabit! Write! Write! WRITE!"

Some writers call this writer's block. But I call it the "Writing-Muse-Needs-A-Kick" syndrome.

And that's exactly what we're going to do with your writing muse gone truant.

We're going to kick her back into gear so you can fill up that blank page.

Here are 7 writing muse kickers for you to try right now:

1. First Line: Begin a story with "There was once a chance I didn't take..."

2. Cliche Starter: Weave a story or poem around the cliche, "keep your powder dry."

3. Power of Metaphor: What does "a string of laughter" make you think of?

4. Proverb Mix: "Beauty breaks the camel's back."

5. Story Words: Use the words "pianist, pencil, high-rise building, running shoes" in a story.

6. What If? Story: What if you're going to write a story about betrayal, with a young man as the main character and a locket as the key object? Set your story on a ranch.

7. Quick Prompt: Write about what you'd say to an uninvited guest.

(c) Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ


Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Explore the Productivity of Creative Writing Workshops

... to Unlock Your Excellence to Writing

Contrasting to the general classrooms that you have had experienced from your childhood days, creative writing workshops are more interactive, vivacious, and productive to professionals. The most appealing facet of creative workshop is the gathering of scholarly individuals across the world and working together with a common goal under expert supervision.

Irrespective of you are a qualified writer, press reporter, blogger or even a burgeoning poet, no one can neglect the worth of receiving instant feedbacks, approval or new ideas that help enhance their proficiency to writing with creativeness. This is key cause why growing number of upcoming to professionals, activated to excel in the world of writing, now pursue creative writing workshops to nurture their innate talent, unbolt the door of creativity and come into the limelight with their best outcomes.

The Concept and Productivity of Creative Writing Workshops

Operated by top-notch learned professionals creative writing workshops are well designed and technically developed for people intended to write ingeniously and artistically. They follow an array of newest techniques, strategies, and mediums where you will be assigned to work on feature writing, soft stories, poem, memoir, script writing, reporting and more. For the first time you will experience how alluring and productive is involving in collaborative writing, free writing, writing based on guided visualizations and obviously open sessions of oral storytelling or colloquiums.

Creative Writing Workshops: Science ‘Behind the Scene’

Creativity is a reward that comes out of innate ability and flair; however, this needs regular nurturing not limiting to bookish thoughts and web ideas. Research findings have established that one’s creative ideas can be honed and explored to a great deal with proper nourishment. Similar to our body muscles and health, the core of your creative power can be stimulated and sharpened with necessary guidance, training and creative writing workshops.

This is the exact time that you should come out of the typical writer’s cage breaking the chains of self-absorption to supremacy to attach with the mainstream of likeminded professionals and experience the changes in your writing style that you’ d hardly ever thought of.

Ø  Rise above Writer’s Block

Even seasoned writers often find them helpless being incapable to give birth to new ideas. Doubting on your skillfulness tolls on your self-confidence profoundly while panic, anxiety, and stress typically block your potential to bring creativity in writing. With creative writing workshops, you come beyond the lone corner of your writing desk and share ideas with compatible brains, get expert guidance and participate in varieties of writing workshop that help you come out of the thinker’s block.

Ø  Recognize your innate Creativity

The opportunity of open workshop to sharing ideas with plenty of writers from new comers to experts stroke your creative prowess, which tend to be a great reward of joining creative writing workshops. The interactive workshop environment stimulates your mind’s eye subconsciously and unfastens the gateway of your creative ideas making you perform more resourcefully.

Ø  Boost Your Creative Ability

Now you can well understand that creativity that you have within can be further honed and learned. Thankfully, creative writing workshops are prepared with top-class faculty members, setups, techniques, and tools. They follow varieties of indoor, outdoor workshop sessions, range of writing concepts and strategic ways with the objective to boost your ability to creative writing.

Creativity Workshop providing creative classes and professional development courses for teachers, educators, artists, students, writers, psychologists, small businesses, and corporations, designed to both spark and sustain creativity. To know more, visit creativityworkshop/who-we-are.