Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Welcome to Fictionesse

Fictionesse Magazine is published monthly in hardback and .pdf versions

We publish your short stories, flash fiction, poetry and articles.

There are three competition categories:

Short Story
Flash Fiction

Competitions run from the 1st, to the last day, of each month

The email address for Fictionesse

Best entries to the competition will be published.

For Competition Guidelines, click HERE

We also accept submissions away from the contests, these include articles.
Articles must be related to Creative Writing

For Submission Guidelines, click HERE

About Drabble

WritingWriters (now known as Fictionesse) held 5 Drabble Contests
Drabble is a story of 100 words exactly - excluding title.

We are currently running the last contest, Drabble #5
If you would like to enter the last Drabble contest Click HERE

You can view all the stories and results of the previous Drabble Contests:

What is Drabble? 

A drabble is a short work of fiction of one hundred words in length.
The purpose is brevity, testing the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space.
You'll need the same basic components as you do for a longer story:
A setting
One or more characters
A conflict
A resolution.

There is no set theme or subject matter

What does it cost to enter?
Nothing. It's free.

Please understand that by entering the Drabble competition you are granting permission to publish the story, here on the Fictionesse Website, so we can open voting...

It is for short stories, not poetry.

You can send 1 Drabble entry (a story of 100 words exactly, excluding title) per month.
Just send your 100-word story in the body of an email - Don't forget your story must have a title and the title does not count in the 100 words.


Entries must be original, unpublished and typed in English

Please do not send poetry

All the entries received will be posted on the website anonymously, identifiable only by the Story#

Voting will close at 11am on the 10th June

In the event of a tie, we will cast the deciding vote.
In the event of a mulitple tie, the vote will stay open with entries involved in the tie for a further 48 hours.

The £35.00 prize money is paid via PayPal to the winner with the most votes and their story will be published in the Magazine.

How to get votes?

Well, your Drabble has to be good for a start but you knew that, huh?
Votes are accumulated by those who visit the website.
You can post links on your Social Media accounts and get more votes.
Entrants are allowed to cast one vote for their own story and they can also cast one vote for another story.

About the 100-Word Count
We use WORDCOUNTER to verify your 100 words.
​Just copy & paste your story into the text box and it will show your word count.

Along with the Drabble that wins by vote, we will be choosing our Top stories to publish in an issue of the Fictionesse Magazine.